CV. Abadi Baru Mandiri

Magnetic Drilling

CV. Abadi Baru Mandiri Jual Bor Magnet, is a portable drilling machine with a magnetic base (either electromagnetic or permanent magnet). This uses standard rotary drill bits, and some can also be used with annular cutters, milling cutters, and other rotary cutters. A magnetic core drilling machine (also referred to as a Magnetic press drilling machine, Mag drill, Magnetic drill, Selling Drill Magnet or Portable drill) is a machine tool equipped with cutting and electromagnetic devices, used for drilling holes in various metals. A magnetic core drilling machine can also perform operations such as Threading, Reaming and Countersinking. A portable magnetic magnet drilling machine or simply a magnetic drill makes holes in metal with the help of a special cutting tool called a core drill or annular cutter or brooch cutter. A magnetic core drilling machine uses the technology of drilling a metal core to make a hole. Sell ​​Bor Magnet is used to make holes in heavy steel parts where a normal hand drill cannot be used.

Magnet drill was originally designed for construction companies to drill a large number of holes in existing structural steel, such as the i-beam. Magnet drills offer increased stability and are easier to use than hand drills and also provide better accuracy and cut large diameter holes faster.

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