CV. Abadi Baru Mandiri

Cutting Machine

CV. Abadi Baru Mandiri stood alone more than many years ago as a leader in developing advanced techniques and innovative technologies for cutting rooms. Currently, CV. Abadi Baru Mandiri Sell Surabaya Cutting Machines, providing engineering-based solutions that make a real difference in facilities using new and high-tech materials. Our company has focused its vision on, and dedicated its goals to, identify and solve modern manufacturing problems so that your company can compete in the diverse goods market today.

- Manual Cutting Machine: Economical price solution for manually operated cutting.
- Automatic Cutting Machine (CNC): Maximizes accuracy and output with computerized cutting.

Manufactured with the best quality materials, built to the right specifications, and subject to rigorous testing, Cutting Machines have set standards for more than a century.

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