CV. Abadi Baru Mandiri

Punch Machine

CV. Abadi Baru Mandiri Sell Punch Machine, a machine that changes the size or shape of a piece of material, usually a sheet of metal, by applying pressure to the die where the workpiece is held. The shape and construction of the dice determine the shape produced on the workpiece. A Punch Machine has the same two components: a punch, which is attached to the reciprocal ram of the machine, and the die, which is clamped to the bed or a runway with a flat surface perpendicular to the ram's road. In operation, the punch presses the workpiece, which is stored on the dice. The emptied die cuts a piece of sheet metal to make it empty which will be suitable for dies for the next punch-press operation. This includes forming or bending and drawing, where cup-shaped objects are produced by a process that requires some flow of plastic from metal.

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