CNC H beam Drilling VISTA BDM 1050 7A

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Specification of CNC H beam Drilling VISTA BDM 1050 7A

CNC H beam Drilling VISTA BDM 1050 7A

is one of the machine tools, which is generally used to drill a workpiece. On this machine can also be done other jobs such as, extending the hole, drilling to taper on the part of a hole or embedding. In actual practice the actual drilling is a rotating axle, wherein the end (the lower part) is attached to a drill bit which can drill against the clamped work on the drilling machine table.

Product Description

Beam Processing Line (BDM1050)

I. Uses

BDM Series widely used in the fields of construction, bridge, tower mast, and space truss, mainly for the drilling of H-beam, U-beam and Box-beam. It adopt seven servo-control CNC axes(three for flange drilling) and three stepless transducer controlled rotation speed of spindle. All the holes on its 3 sides can be completed after the H-beam getting thought the machine once, with high efficiency and high position precision. It is the necessary equipment for guarantying the quantity in the steel structure.

II. Features

1. The machine has good rigidity, optimized structure, higher strength, better anti-shake and more beautiful preview.

2. The machine has 3 power heads: One vertical drilling head for the drilling on the web plate, and two horizontal drilling power heads on the two side of the machine for the drilling on the flange plates. Each power head can do continuous drilling in the feed-in direction 640mm after once feeding until to complete all the drilling process of one hole group. It is connected by taper shank module between drill bit and spindle.

3. These 3 drilling spindles can be controlled separately. They can drill simultaneously and also separately.

4. Comparing with the carriage conveyor, the servo motor driving to feed in with the examining by the two encoders can process longer work piece without the length limitation of carriage conveyor.

5. Movable side and upper unit is each equipped with a detecting cylinder with raster, which can realize the control symmetry of web and flange plate of H-beam and meet customers' processing requirements.

6. For the spindle of power head is controlled by the hydraulic sensing, it can alternate among fast feed-in, working feed-in, fast feed-out automatically, no need to set the length of drill bit and the thickness of work pieces. Therefore the working efficiency is improved greatly.

7. The spindle motors and deceleration motors of power heads which are imported from the SEW company of Germany guarantee the good performance, high reliability, and low noise of our products.

8. It can be programmed automatically with the friendly software interface. For the programming software is independent to the host computer, it can install in any computer to realized the programming in different places. The programming can be copied directly or sent to the equipment by internet for using.

9. The drilling machine has reasonable electric control system and famous industrial computer. 7 axes controlling make it stable, reliable and convenient for operation.

10. Classic components, the hydraulic components, all the electric components (include button switch etc), ball screw, and linear guide rail are the products of famous companies in home and abroad.


Subject parameter
Workpiece(H-beam) Max. width of web × Max. height of flangemm1000× 500
(H-beam) Min. width of web × Min. height of flangemm200× 200
Length to feeding inmm3000~15000
Max. thickness of webmm40
Max. weightkg10000
Power headNumber 3
Rotation speedr/min180~650
Feeding speedmm/min20~200
Feeding stroke of the upper power headmm240
Feeding stroke of the fixed, movable sidemm180
Max. Diameter of the drilling holesmmφ 40
Spindle Moving rangeUpper unit (feed-in direction)mm0640
Upper unit (horizontal direction)mm40~660
Fixed and movable side (feeding direction)mm0~640
Fixed and movable side (vertical direction)mm30~470
Type of drill chuchMorse tapermm2#, 3#, 4#
pricesionError of the adjacent pitch-row(< 640mm)mm± 0.5
Error of the pitch-row(> 640mm)mm± 1.0/10000
Electrical SystemControl wayBus control by CANOPEN
Cooling systemPressure of depressed airMP0.4-0.6
Capacity of the cooling boxL80
Carriage conveyor

Stroke of the clamping arm on the vertical directionmm300
Stroke of the clamping arm on the horizontal directionmm17000
Power of driving motor of the gear rack and pinionKWAbout 4
Power of the motor for the lift of the clamping armKWAbout 0.8
Overall dimension( length × width × height)mm18000× 1100× 1400
Total power KWAbout 33
Total weightMachine+feeding cart system+ Feeding rollerwaykgAbout 14500
Overall dimensionLength × width× height on the workpiece feeding directionmm22000× 3090× 3320

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